Friday, November 30, 2012

Newslinks: November 30th, 2012

Well it's been a slow news day in the past 24 hours.  Some major announcements, yes, but not too much in the way of quantity.


U.N. approves Palestinian 'observer state' bid.
Israel to build 3,000 settler homes after UN vote. STOP IT! FUCKING STOP IT ALREADY!  The current Israeli government wants peace as much as Hamas does for fucks sake.  Which is Not At All.    This fucking settlement will cut the West Bank in two, preventing any chance of a contiguous Palestinian State. Look! Look! Green is land that used to be Palestinian owned. As in Actual people owning the land.  Look at that.   The Settlements are eating further and further away.  As long as Palestine was considered "Not a State" they had no rights. And look what having no rights got them.  The UNs action fucking harms peace?  No. THIS.  THIS is what drives the terrorists.  Right here.  This map.  This is their drive. This is what pushes them.  There can be no peace without rockets? Understandable.  There also can be no peace without STOPPING THE FUCKING SETTLEMENTS!

Flights to Damascus airport cancelled for second day.  Internet and most mobile and landline phones are cut off still.
Scores killed in Iraq blasts.


Egyptian Assembly backs draft constitution. Liberal, left wing and Christian members (How many countries have those in unison?) of the assembly have accused the Islamist majority of trying to force their vision on the country.  In it Islam is declared the State Religion and Sharia Law the main source of legislation.  Cue Fox News Freak Out in 3...2...


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