Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Newslinks November 13, 2012

This Petraeus thing has gone insane.  And now, a new twist.  General John Allen, the top commander in Afghanistan, is said to have sent 'inappropriate' e-mails to Mrs. Kelley.  So now we have inappropriate CIA, FBI and DoD.  Which Department is next in this thing?

The big thing to me, depending on those inappropriate e-mails, is the FBI Agent.  He pursued a friendship with Mrs. Kelley. He was never a part of the investigation but kept nosing around it.  His superiors finally had to tell him "Back off". Then, due to his worldview, he figured the investigation stalled due to a coverup to protect the President.  Thus a week before the election he figured it would be a good idea to inform the Republicans on the Hill, probably in the vain hopes that A> The girl he fancied would be protected and B> that they would leak this to the media.  Eric Cantor, for once in his life, decided to do the right thing and reached out to the FBI Director and got the story straight.  And of course when Fox heard of this, they started chatting up more conspiracy theories.  But it was the far right wing tendency to go to conspiracy theories that is the story, due to this unnamed FBI agent.  (Yes the far left does do conspiracies too.  So far not relevant to this story.  ... Yet. Give it time.)

Middle East

Workers exhuming Yasser Arafat's body in probe of death.  Radioactive Isotopes have been found on his clothes.


On streets of Athens, racist attacks increase.
University Fees Stoke U.K. Inflation. What, tripling schooling costs as part of a massive austerity plan caused high inflation?  Why I never.
Bank of Portugal Forecasts Economy Will Shrink a Third Year.
Flooding Spreads Across Italy.



China’s Next Leaders Inherit Economy at Critical Crossroad.  Every time the Chinese are about to get new leaders the same reports come around.  New leader "has" to reform politics.  Economy at "crossroads".

South America


Petraeus case shows FBI's authority to read email.
220 Marijuana Cases Already Dismissed in Washington State.


Firestorm Erupts Over Virginia's Education Goals. Education Goals are higher for White and Asian kids, and lower for African-Americans, Latinos and students with disabilities.  For example: Test Scores in Reading and Math. If you're Asian, an acceptable score is 82%.  White students need a 68%.  Latinos need a 52% and African-Americans need 45%.  Disabled students 33%.



University of Washington puts 20 tweet limit on live coverage of its sports, threatens credential revocation.  Apparently they don't want reporters using twitter much to cover its games.  Because it might take away from radio and tv watching.  Wow.


Vegetative patient Scott Routley says 'I'm not in pain'.  Yes you read that right.  They scanned his brain while asking questions, and the brain activity responded.
Quasars Help Shed Light On Dark Energy Mystery.  Thank you Discovery.  I needed you to report on this.  English papers love to throw the ridiculous word "Boffins" in any science article. Makes it impossible to take the news seriously.


Self-Healing Plastic 'Skin' Points Way to New Prosthetics.
Tesla Model S - Motor Trend Car of the Year.  I love Tesla.  But soooo expensive.


"Involuntary porn" site tests the boundaries of legal extortion. Despicable.  If you have something on there you want taken down it'll cost you $250.
Teacher Accused of Turning Student Into Lesbian. OH MY GOD! THE GAYS HAVE LEARNED HOW TO USE MAGIC!    Even better?  The teacher is straight.  It looks as if the parents want to blame anyone, and the teacher is outspoken about other school issues so the school didn't handle the complaint properly to get back at her.  Over the summer, a half dozen teachers had accused the principal of that school of mistreatment.  He seems to like to intimidate.

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