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Newslinks November 19th, 2012

I will say the Hamas experiment has mostly failed.  Their governing arm has done a decent job providing services to the Palestinian people in Gaza and the fact they are in charge has moderated the militant wing...a little.  But it's way too little. The militant wing has too little interest in protecting the Palestinian people so they continue to be a terrorist faction instead of a source of stability and defense.
In all honesty, the way Gaza looks at the moment, if an election was held and Hamas was voted out I doubt they would give it up.  Remember the civil war against Fatah.  But that is just speculation, there'd first have to be an election and second Hamas would have to lose.  And there were supposed to be elections back in May, in an agreement Hamas made (brokered by the Egyptians) with the Palestinian National Authority, but they backed out of the elections stating holding them would be "impossible."  In January it will have been 7 years since elections were held in Palestine.
Also of interest: In 2011 the Independent Commission for Human Rights lambasted the PA, Hamas and Israel for human rights abuses against the Palestinians.  I don't remember hearing much about this, but I think that should be highlighted.
Hamas could have ended up the good guys in this, however improbably and insane that statement seems.  Terrorist organizations can reform, especially if given political power.  But they're clinging to power and abusing the trust of the people they're in charge of.   If there was the 15 years of peace (see newslink below) that Israel wanted, I wonder how long it would take for the Palestinian people to rise up against their own government.  But it won't happen as long as there are attacks in their cities.  No matter how bad their government is, people band together behind it when attacked by an outside force.
"This is a difficult time, but it is a glorious time in the history of the Palestinian people."
Hamas Political Leader Khaled Meshaal



Ceasefire Negotiations May Have Failed.  Most of Israel's demands are sensible.  But, uh, the border between Gaza and Israel closed?  That'll just keep the despair in the territories high.  High despair = terrorist breeding ground.  Simple psychology.  Also not 100% sure it's in Israel's best interest for Egyptian Politicians to be the guarantors of peace.


Obama: "Something is stirring" in Burma.  Crap...CTHULHU IS COMING!



French vote marred by fraud allegations.  Those blacks and Hispanics sure get around.



Chris Christie Pushes Camden Police Force To Disband, Despite Questions Over New Plan's Finances.  Basically the idea is is get rid of old cops and do a new county based force.  In other news; Camden, N.J., sets homicide record.


Man arrested following DNA tests to solve 1999 schoolgirl murder.  8000 Dutch people gave DNA, cold case was solved.


Why Cell Phones Went Dead After Hurricane Sandy.  Interesting article.  Phone companies are apparently telling the FCC to go fuck themselves (paraphrasing) whenever the FCC comes up with a new regulation.  They wanted emergency backups made, and the phone companies resisted.  Currently Verizon is trying to say that First Amendment Rights means that Congress and the FCC can't exert any authority over its networks.  AT&T filed a petition with the FCC seeking complete deregulation of its wires which would make them immune to all consumer protection, competition and affordable communication laws.  I am sure if their moves are successful, other businesses will join in trying to claim the First Amendment as a reason why they can do whatever they want and fuck all regulations.


Solar tsunami seen in NASA video.  See comment above.



Britain is now most powerful 'soft-power' nation on earth.  In other words, Entertainment and Culture.

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