Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Newslinks: November 21st, 2012

I recently ran across a public opinion poll on Palestinian attitudes.  It was embedded in an article that stated the best way to defeat Hamas is for Israel to prop up the Palestinian Authority.  This is true if the Right Wing government of Israel truly wanted Hamas gone.  I'm cynical towards that.

But the poll.  It was interesting and it shows why Hamas can still get support amongst Palestinians.  The poll was taken in late September by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research.  I have no idea their sample method so I'm posting these numbers rather blind:

66% of Palestinians believe that the Palestinian Authority's long term goal is to recover all or parts of the land occupied in 1967. (Aka Gaza/West Bank).  24% believe the PA's goal is to recover the 1948 lands.  So right there the Palestinians think the PA wants a two state solution.

However 57% of Palestinians believe settlement growth has made a Palestinian state impossible.  I can't blame them.  President George W. Bush's roadmap to peace obligated Israel to freeze settlement growth and remove illegal outposts.  Currently the right wing Netanyahu government has doubled funding for settlements.  And the outposts that are illegal even under Israeli law?  The current government is considering legalizing them.  This leads into....

81% of Palestinians believe that Israel's long term goal is to annex the Palestinian territory occupied in 1967. And this is why Hamas still gets support.  Because when a very large percentage of the Palestinians think Israel just wants to completely annex Gaza and the West Bank than there's no real chance for peace.  And this is a tragedy.
"Most of people that were hit in Gaza deserved it."
Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon


Rumour has it that Israel is about to announce a unilateral cease fire.  They will expect Egypt to rein in (somehow) Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the others.  Apparently their cease fire will have some concessions to Gaza, but all I've seen so far is lifting restrictions for exports.  This was starting to become expected by pundits, as the positives of the first strike oh so many days ago have faded and nearly become forgotten.  Same thing happened with Operation Cast Lead.  Of course this is just a rumour being reported by Channel 10 (and relayed to me by BBC livefeed).  Ah ha, here's a link.
'Bomb blast' on bus in Tel Aviv. Loudspeakers on Mosques claimed it was Hamas, but they haven't claimed it themselves.  There's word it was the Al-aqsa Martyr's brigade.
Hamas executes 6 suspected Israel collaborators.
Report: Iran transfers Fajr-5 missile technology to Gaza.  Oh fuck.  So now they can make it on their own?  Thanks Iran.  You just know how to make things much better.





Secret human testing: Victims in St. Louis speak, demand answers.  The US Army, apparently, in the 1950s and '60s experimented on unsuspecting St. Louisians.  Apparently they sprayed zinc cadmium sulfide on children and families.  Holy fuck.
Following Obama’s Victory, Wisconsin Governor Proposes New Limits On Voter Registration.  This is ridiculous.  Same day registration should be everywhere in my opinion.  Same day registration boosts turnout.  But a higher turnout is bad for the GOP so they want to clamp it down.  Fuck you Scott Walker.
U.S. Government Hacked Nicolas Sarkozy, Former France President's, Office In 2012, l'Express Claims.
GOP bills would give expectant parents tax exemption on fetus.  So Michigan gets rid of it's $600-per-child tax credit, but now there's talk of a $4K per Fetus tax credit?  This really goes to show the thinking of "In the womb it's sacred, out of the womb it's not our problem" ideal the GOP promotes.


Hostess mediation fails, so Twinkie company to liquidate.  I'm not surprised.  Hostess wants to liquidate at this point.  Their liquidation plan includes bonuses to their executives.  Same as while they were restructuring, they kept giving raises to their top executives.



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