Friday, November 16, 2012

Newslinks: November 16th, 2012

Many of you on the Twitter-verse have seen me rage about the energy infrastructure we have and how money should go to invest it.
Roughly 500,000 Americans lose power for at least 2 hours EVERY SINGLE DAY.
The average substation transformer is 42 years old.  The expected life span of them? 40 years.
70% of the largest high-voltage power transformers, those that weigh up to 800,000 pounds, are more than 25 years old and thus subject to increased risk of failure.  Replacing one of these transformers can take up to twenty months.
Our system is so antiquated and overloaded that when there's an issue it spreads beyond the area.  The June Derecho which did quite a bit of wind damage from Indian through the Appalachians to DC saw other areas out of power for longer than others.  Such as suburban Maryland.  It was not hit harder, but the damage it sustained triggered multiple failures down the line.
For a better example, one of which many of you are too young for, was the Ohio Failure of 2003.  Line failures in Northeastern Ohio darkened a 1,900 square mile area.  265 power plants went offline. Cost nearly $6B, nearly 100 people died and 50 million people in the dark for four days.
We need to put serious money into this. It is a National Security AND Human Rights issue.  Yet it's always kicked down the road and every year it gets worse.


Hamas: "We targeted Knesset, Shimon Peres."  Yes this is from WND whom I would normally not link to, but this was a real tweet by the militant side of Hamas and it's hard to find good links for it as of yet.  If it helps BBC live coverage tipped me off to it?  Also HOLY FUCK.
Conflict intensifies as rockets hit Tel Aviv.  That would be the Iranian supplied rockets that are hitting Tel-Aviv.  That's definitely Hamas.
There apparently was supposed to be a temporary truce while the Egyptian PM visited but rockets began to fire quickly despite that.  Hamas says that Israel was doing airstrikes at the time. And it's unclear whether it was Hamas or the smaller groups doing the rocket fire (Though Hamas has access to stronger and more accurate rockets than what is usually used).  So it's unclear who broke the ceasefire on the Gaza side, and if Israel broke it at all.  Yay for war. *sigh*


Iran arrests group linked to 'Zionists'.  Oh Iran, always having to find some way to smear the west. (Yes I don't believe them)


India textbook says meat-eaters lie and commit sex crimes.  And here I thought Texan textbooks were bad.



Postal Service posts record $16 billion loss for 2012.



Chrysler boosting U.S. engine output; adds flex line, 1250 jobs in Michigan.  BUT ALL PRODUCTION IS GOING TO CHINA.  So glad he lost.
Hostess Brands closing for good. NOOO TWINKIES.  18,500 jobs lost.  5,000 of them were currently striking.
Rapiscan accused of faking privacy tests for airport scanners.
Ikea 'deeply regrets' use of forced labour.  Political prisoners in East Germany were used by some of their suppliers.



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