Saturday, November 24, 2012

Newslinks: November 24th, 2012

Yesterday I mentioned I hated the term "Free Thinkers".  In my experience it has been used to describe anyone who is in a "not conventional" religion but not yet a cult.  So it's mostly been used to describe atheists, agnostics and wiccans. Of course, the Wiccan was the only one who had any real religion in that group at all so maybe he was included to not start any fights.

But here is my feeling on this.  While I don't respect someones belief system much if they haven't actually examined it, I have known many religious people who took a route to their religion.  Their life led them to embrace that religion, often upon some studying.  And those people are the ones who know the most about that religion.  Downside, of course, is by coming to religion in your adulthood you tend to embrace it with a passion and zeal.  The Evangelical movement is powered by these "Born Again Christians."

Many of whom, in my experience, embrace it so strongly because deep down they had a hard life in their young adulthood and their religion is their pillar.  Their way to move beyond that past.  And thus why they can be so uncompromising.

This opening has gotten a bit away from its point.  Mainly:  People in a mainstream religion, or religion of any kind, CAN be free thinkers, and many often are.


Uproar over Saudi women's 'SMS tracking'.  Saudi male guardians are automatically getting text messages about cross-border movements of female dependants.  Women are, of course, not allowed to travel without their guardians permission.


U.S. warns of possible N. Korean missile launch.  If North Korea wants to freak out the gullible American Public, they should aim for a December 21st launch.
New Chinese Passports Rile Asian Neighbors. Not just India as reported yesterday.  Phillipines, Taiwan (Of course), Brunei, Malaysia, Japan and Vietnam.  This is not a mistake.  Various countries claim things in the South China Sea.  Passports are government documents.  It's China's way of forcing other countries to acknowledge China's claims to these territories.  If that country stamps someones passport, they are saying they acknowledge the claim.
Thai police fire tear gas at Bangkok anti-government rally.




Scientists Find Evidence of Ancient Tsunami in Switzerland.  In 563 A.D. Gregory of Tours wrote of a cascade of rocks plunging into the Rhone River, generating a wave of water that "overwhelmed with a sudden and violent flood all that was on the banks as far as the city of Geneva."  About a 26 foot high Tsunami wave down the river.  So huh, even lakes can have Tsunamis. I'll be eyeing the Great Lakes warily.
Cooling metal oxides could cause expanding exoplanets.
Super-Earths Get Magnetic 'Shield' from Liquid Metal.


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