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Newslinks November 23rd, 2012

Alright. It's time to talk entitlement.  No, no, don't go running away screaming! Please! This isn't one of those! (I hope)

It took me a long time to understand the mindset of the Christians who believe this country is being taken from them.  But it's quite simple.  For a long time their's was the dominant view.  What they believed was the law.  Their religion could be everywhere, despite the constitution.  They saw this as a Good thing and it wasn't enforced by a religious police like they have in Saudi Arabia, it just was.

Then free thinkers (I do hate this term, by the way) began to arise.  They saw that the America they were in was actually oppressive to their own belief systems despite the Constitution.  So they began to challenge and win those challenges.  Slowly making this place friendlier to all non-Christians (And some Christian Sects).

Now the Christians don't see it as a balancing act, because there's no way their world view would let them see this.  They see it as the balance is being thrown out of whack. That they are being discriminated against.  They don't see it as everyone becoming equal, they see it as everyone becoming more equal than they.

Of course they are wrong, vastly wrong, but often entitlement is based upon where you stand.  You don't see your own entitlement. So they don't see that they were on Top.  They only see their "rights" being taken away.

So Non Christians just see the Christian Right in this country wishing to oppress them.  But that's not what it is.  The Christian Right honestly believes they are victims now, that their rights are being taken away.  That they are being targeted.  And while they are wrong, it still makes me quite sad.  Because most of them will not ever see the truth of the matter because they cannot.  And this is a tragedy.


Second coronavirus death reported. It's similar to SARs, all cases are linked to either Qatar or Saudi Arabia at the moment.  Guess what the media is about to latch onto!
Syria fighting rages amid Iran envoy's visit.
Arrest announced in Tel Aviv bus bombing.


Egypt protest call over President Mursi's sweeping powers.  The current President has decreed that his decisions cannot be revoked by any authority, including the judiciary.   Dictatorship much?
Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill: MPs drop death penalty.
Nigeria riot over 'blasphemy' against Islam's prophet.  Over a rumour that a christian man has blasphemed against Islam.
DR Congo army chief Gabriel Amisi suspended.
Rwanda Calls for International Support to End Congo Rebellion.  Silly Rwanda, the western countries don't band together to do things in sub-Saharan Africa.



EU budget summit ends without deal.
EU leaders accuse Cameron of sabotaging budget deal. 'David Cameron has been accused of “blackmailing” other European Union leaders as talks on the EU budget approached collapse.'



Homeland Security spent $430M on radios its employees don't know how to use.
Inmates Get Carbon Monoxide Poisoning At Pennsylvania Prison.
US school tag tracker project prompts court row.  One student has said he won't wear the RFID tracker due to Religious reasons (Because ZOMG IT'S THE BEAST!) and the school is trying to expel her.
Iowa to pursue signature verification on absentee ballots.  Yep, their Secretary of State is Republican, how could you tell?
Jesse Jackson Jr. Cooperating With Feds On Campaign Cash Investigation.




South Pacific Sandy Island 'proven not to exist'.  You can find it on google maps, marine charts etc. But when scientists went out there.  It was not there.  And the ocean was 4,620 feet deep at that area so it's not as if the sea just swallowed it.
California city building 'tsunami-resistant' port.  It'll be built in the Sierra Nevadas.  Okay not really.  It'll involve thick steel pilings, driven 30 feet into the bedrock and sticking 18 feet up above the water.
Harvard cracks DNA storage, crams 700 terabytes of data into a single gram.


Pope's book on Jesus challenges Christmas traditions.  Actually have to applaud that.

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