Friday, September 18, 2015


Hi friends, acquaintances, associates, enemies, frenemies, and/or possible spammers,

I am looking to start up a Numenera game over Skype and Roll20.  It's a rather simple system as far as these things go and can be taught without the rulebook! (That would make character creation interesting but definitely doable).  If one wants, the PDF of the Player's Guide is $7.99 from the Publisher's E-Store. (Side tangent: I love that this publisher takes about 1/3rd to 1/2 of the rulebook and puts it in a smaller cost Player's Guide)

This game will be Sunday nights from 9:30 PM Eastern to Midnight Eastern (because changing timezones halfway through would get confusing).

Numenera is a game of Science Fantasy.  In it's more common disguise as "High Fantasy but magic is actually far-future scientific elements that people do not understand."  So if one was hoping for a game where you're a theoretical physicist watching your lab get overrun by alien creatures...Not quite that game here.

Instead Numenera is set ONE BILLION years into Earth's Future.  It is often called the "Ninth World", not because Earth moved its position from the sun (good but inaccurate guess) but because the current human civilization on the planet is the Ninth Civilization to exist on Earth. Not all past civilizations were human.  Basic tech level is standard for a fantasy game, around 1000CE level.  But it's littered with objects from the past.  So yes, that noble that appears to be walking its pet from one angle, might actually just have a hovering robot on the other side of it doing the actual 'leash' holding. However, most of the tech has been stripped down and repurposed for other uses, often with little understanding for what it did before.  Also, no elves. (YES)

Basic system is the Players do all the rolling. (THE GM DOESN'T HAVE TO DO ANY WORK! WOO. Wait, we still have to come up with everything and adjudicate? Dammit!)  You attack monster, you roll.  Monster attacks you, you roll.  You put on a robe and wizard hat and seduce the monster, you roll.

I am planning on using pre-published sources because A> The pre-published book is very very very very good.  B> I'm rather rusty. C> I have a three year old and a full time job and a wife who does want to occasionally spend time with me.

As I stated above, the rules are rather simple to teach.  There's no Attacks of Opportunity here.  Distance is in four states (Immediate, Short Range, Long Range, and Too Far Away To Worry About Yet) so there's no need of maps or miniatures except when necessary of course. There is a early scenario that will be done to teach the basics and not-so basics, and character creation will go over them as well.

For queries and or interests please contact me on Twitter or Steam or E-Mail or Skype or Facebook or Google Plus or LinkedIn. (Who has LinkedIn?)