Saturday, November 10, 2012

Aulayan's News Links: November 10, 2012

I am a little angry at David Petraeus right now.  20 minutes after I posted my newslinks yesterday, he resigned.  Due to an affair.  With his Biographer.  Whom the FBI were investigating because of suspicions she had inappropriate access to classified materials.  Which the White House did not find out about until Wednesday (Sorry Conservative Conspiracy Theorists!).  And there's the summary of that!

First I must post a retraction. Apparently FoxConn is denying they are looking to build U.S. factories.
Israeli Military and MOSSAD may have Defied Netanyahu On Iran Attack. 2 years ago Netanyahu ordered the military to prepare for an attack on Iran's Nuclear Facilities in 2010. The Army Chief and the head of MOSSAD refused to comply with the order.
Eight ANA Soldiers Killed In Seperate Attacks.
Victims Testify in Afghan Massacre Hearing. Via Video-Link in Kandahar, Survivors and Relatives appeared in a US Army Court that is determining whether to court-martial a Staff Sergeant who shot up an Afghan Village in March.
Pakistan to pay cash to poor to send kids to school.
Turkey Mulls Defensive Measures on Syrian Border.
Twin Suicide Car Bombs Kill Dozens of Assad Soldiers in Southern Syria.
Britain Pushing Harder For International Resolution on Syria.
Iraq scraps $4.2B Arms Deal With Russia Over Suspicion Of Corruption.
Kuwait Releases 2 Royals Detained For Writing Sympathetic Tweets To Opposition Groups. Our allies, ladies and gentlemen.
EU fails to agree on 2013 budget. I mentioned yesterday the talks were acrimonious. They fell apart. Austerity-minded states refused to plug a shortfall in the 2012 budget in funds that would help the needy. I hate austerity.
Greece Says Cash Reserves Almost Depleted.
Despite Phasing Out Nuclear Energy, Germany Exporting More Electrical Power Than Ever Before.
9 Doctors Held In Italy Over Unauthorized Treatments. I'll admit, when I saw the headline "Cardiologists Arrested in Italy." I assumed it was because their patients died weeks later from heart attacks. Italy does do weird arrests at times.
Google Blocked in China During 18th Party Congress.
China to launch next manned spaceship in 2013.
The Infromation Age: North Korean Style. Cell phones have come into North Korea. However they are not allowed to make calls outside the country, and they are inundated with text messages of government propaganda.
Alleged Mexican Drug Kingpin Extradited to US.
Fourteen Mexican Federal Police Charged With Attempted Murder Over Attack On CIA Agents.
Thirteen new deaths in Sao Paulo's gang battle. Ongoing gang violence involving the police as well
Chevron Appeals Against Asset Freeze In Argentina.
Supreme Court Looks at Voting Rights Act. I'm personally thinking they will strike it down as no longer necessary now, instead of expanding it to spread to the whole country. This election showed that much of the country needs it.
Number of Uncounted Ballots in Arizona RISES as deadline nears. Wednesday the official number of Uncounted ballots was 602,000. Thursday it was 631,000. Half of all early votes have yet to be counted. Elections Officials have only 4 days to count the remaining ballots. Which makes me ask: If they fail do votes not get counted? Advocacy Groups are asking the Department of Justice to intervene. This article shows that what happens is people mainly got a provisional ballot for a variety of reasons. They then have X days to bring in a proper ID to get their vote counted. This is very ridiculous and seems highly suspect. Especially since one of the counties holds the majority of these uncounted votes: Maricopa County with 459,000. Where Sheriff Joe Arpaio was up for re-election in a tight race. The Sheriff and his supporters would NEVER do anything questionably legal to keep him in power...right?
New Jersey To Restore Most Power By Today.
US Extends Deadline on Health Coverage for States. As mentioned earlier. States wanted to wait to the last minute in the hopes that Romney would be elected. Now instead of Nov 16th, they have to Dec 14th (Or Feb 15th depending on the state) to submit plans for a health insurance exchange.
Rasmussen Reports Most Americans Believe in Climate Change. And that's from Rasmussen. When they post something that against the Conservative label it is probably close to the truth.
War Opens in GOP Over Immigration. I knew this was going to happen. And to give him credit, Hannity immediately saw the opening. Focus on immigration, try to woo Latin voters.
Gun Sales Spike After Election. *sigh* People clinging to their guns.
Speaking of guns, Chicago Passes a $25 a Gun Sales Tax.
Researchers Find Fracking May Cause Earthquakes After All. And to think, all those PA Universities that will have that happening on their campus soon.
Ohio Attorney Creates Fake Child Porn For Case, Now Must Pay $300,000. It is illegal, after all, to create even fake child porn.
Black Friday strike at Walmart being planned. Maybe Every day I will post a news story pertaining to Black Friday at Walmart!
Judge To Review Whether Foreman In Apple v Samsung Concealed Information During Jury Selection Process. There are some serious questions regarding the foreman, who took the time to explain the patent process to the other jurors, in this case.
In other Apple news, UK Court Sanctions Apple for Non-Compliance In Samsung Ruling.
Google's Review by FTC Nearing Critical Point.
Pfizer Caught Gaming The System, Loses Viagra Patent in Canada. They grabbed a patent without disclosing what their invention was.
NASA may reveal new moon missions soon
Coffee Threatened by Climate Change. By 2080, 99.7% of the areas that are used to grow Arabica will be unsuitable. 70% of all coffee comes from the Arabica bean.
Occupy Sandy: One Time Protestors Find New Cause. Another thing Occupy is doing. They are buying up random people's medical loan debt and forgiving it. But this is how you get support. Protests are nice, but helping people really gets them into you.

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