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Aulayan's News Links: November 9th, 2012

Welcome to my newslinks.  I cannot guarantee I'll do this everyday.  But I may.  If I do I will attempt to have it up by 2 pm.  I gather most of my links in the morning but I wait until 2 due to the major news that usually starts coming out around 11.  Also: Fuck CNN. (You'll see why at the end of this post)

8,000 Syrian refugees have fled into Turkey in the past 24 hoursUN reports it at 11,000 in the past 24 hours.  They're even climbing over razor wire to escape.
Israel says it will follow the US into Iran. They changed their tune.
Bahrain strips Shiite activists of citizenship.  Now that is more similar to what tyranny is like.
Assad denies Syrian Civil War.  It's all the West's fault! Everything is!
Tibetan Protests Erupt in Western China. I had heard of more recent self immolations. And now protestors are taking to the streets.
China's Hu Jintao warns party of the enemy of corruption. They always warn as they're leaving power.  But political reforms are what about 8 in 10 polled Chinese citizens wish for.  Despite a 1 party system eventually China's government will have to listen.  Or distract by attacking Taiwan or trying to claim a few of the disputed islands from Japan.  ... Let's hope that doesn't happen.
UK to end Financial Aid to India by 2015.
EU budget meeting 'acrimonious' say UK Conservatives
Kenyans seek to ban bride-price payments and legalize polygamy.
Cracks found in South Korean nuclear reactor. Shut down just before winter, fears of power shortages during the season are feared.
Mass protest fills downtown Buenos Aires over inflation, crime and the President.
Obama to make Historic Visit to Burma. I refuse to call it Myanmar.  Speaking of Burma
Train Crash there kills 25.  This is what happens when you ignore your infrastructure.
US to increase anti-poaching efforts as elephants, rhinos die in jaw-dropping numbers.  The main concern is, of course, militias are profiting from this.  The US, always focused on the militias.
Arizona Poll Workers accused of pushing provisional ballots on voters. These ballots are still not counted and elections have been called. People who had provisional ballots pushed on them are angry and want their vote counted.
Republican in Nevada arrested, charged with Class D Felony, for trying to vote twice. Investigator claims she was testing the system. But wait! There's more!
Republican in New Mexico voted, asked for second provisional ballot. When challenged, claimed he was testing system. Investigation ongoing.
No. Military Absentee Ballots Did Not Arrive Too Late. Apparently the newest conspiracy theory is "Ballots that would've won the election for Romney arrived too late!" The best part is.  Their source is a humour website.  Yyyyeah.
Colorado and Montana reject Citizens United. As well as 9 states whose legislatures have rejected it, and two more who sent letters to Congress asking for an amendment. We need the Corporations Aren't People, My Friends amendment.
Holder suggests he may resign.
Ohio Heartbeat Bill To Be Reintroduced Into Lame Duck Session.  Religiously isn't breath the sign of life, not a heartbeat?  Or was that only the case until fanatics took over?
States have mere days to prepare for Health Care law. November 17th is a deadline for states to prepare for the law. Many states waited until the election, thinking they wouldn't have to if Romney was elected. Now they must scramble.
Gas rationing begins in New York.
New Hampshire elects first openly transgender lawmaker. So not only do they have a completely female congressional representation and a female governor, they elected a transgender state lawmaker? New Hampshire, I love you.
Romney Shell shocked By Loss. On page 2 is where they reveal their internal polling errors. They unskewed their OWN POLLS. Hopefully this is the only election in recent times that people think unskewing works.  He is also probably shocked that Bush won more Mormon votes than he did.
Rep. West Heads to Court Over Vote Count. This is the only Tea Party race I was watching that the Tea Partier appears to have lost. But it was by such a thin margin.
Georgia Businessman Claims He Fired Workers Because Obama Won. Tried To Only Fire People He Was Sure Voted for Obama.  THAT should be illegal.  And very well might be.  The Supreme Court only protected corporations telling people how to vote (Which also should be illegal). But to fire someone for how they voted.  Ugh.
Jury says journalist arrested while videotaping police is not guilty.  He was videotaping the eviction of Occupy Miami. Now he's going to sue the department for deleting his footage.  Good.
Mississippi town sued over 'school-to-prison pipeline'.  There's a town that puts students who are found to have broken school rules, even minor ones, in prison after visiting court first.  The whole mess is ridiculous.
Pastor Who Prays The Gay Away charged with criminal sexual conduct on young adult men.
Judge blocks California's new ban on anonymity for sex offenders. Proposition 35 made it so that sex offenders in California, as well as human traffickers, had to give all their online identities to law enforcement.  A judge apparently did not like this.
MRSA entering sewage treatment plants. The treatments are killing it, but it is still scary.
Australia comes to it's senses, abandons Internet filtering regime. Now if only they could get things shipped to them in a relatively decent timeframe.
Sony's credit rating heading to Junk status.
Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Increases More Than Forecast. Good economic news!
Foxconn Sees New Source of Cheap Labor: The US. Anyone surprised? They're evaluating places like Detroit and LA.
Wal-Mart to start Black Friday sales at 8 pm on Thanksgiving. I give it 3 more years until Thanksgiving is the big sale date.
Tax Hike on Wealthy won't kill growth: CBO. This is an old report that a certain political party did not want released until after the election.
Lawmakers say consumers should know how data mining firms gather and sell their personal information.  Yes.  Yes we should.  People need to read No Place To Hide.
NASA testing 'interplanetary Internet.'
SEC left stocks data vulnerable to hackers.
Navy SEALs punished for revealing secrets to video game maker.
Mushrooming ransomware now extorts $5 million a year. I was hit with this last year.  It was rather simple to remove though.
New video game allows fourth-graders to travel along Underground Railroad.
Home pregnancy tests may detect testicular cancer.
2-ton horned dinosaur discovered.  I WANT ONE.
Usher cuts long election line in Georgia.
Analysis: It's never too early to talk about 2016. FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!

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