Monday, November 12, 2012

Newslinks November 12, 2012

So very early Sunday morning there was a large explosion in southern Indianapolis. It destroyed 3 houses, and significantly damaged a couple dozen more. The conspiracy theorists on the internet have gone nuts. Some are trying to link it to supposed explosions and radiation spikes that happened at the Michigan Indiana border. Others are saying it's a US drone strike. Others are saying it's a jet that crash-landed straight down. The most sensible of all these is the "It's a meteorite or satellite and the government is trying to cover it up." Why..the cover up I don't know. That's why I said most sensible, not most likely.


After Errant Shell Lands in Israel, IDF strikes Syrian Mortar Position.  For those who thought the world was too boring.
Palestinian UN Observer State Bid by November 29. They're asking to be made a non-member state, ala the Vatican.  It's a UN General Assembly vote, no vetoes possible.  Israel and the US have threatened financial penalties if the Palestinians do this.
Former IDF Chief says Only The Nuclear Option Can Work Against Iran.
Yemen's Main Oil Pipeline Shut After Bombings.


Merkel to defend Austerity Cuts in Portugal.
Greek Parliament Approves 'bailout' budget.
Spain Suspends Evictions For Two Years.
Man Arrested In UK For "Malicious Telecommunications' For Posting Photo Of Him Burning A Poppy On Remembrance Day.

East Asia/Oceania

Australia to Investigate Church Sex Abuse.
Japanese Economy Contracts as Global Slowdown Hits Exports.


IEA Report: US Set To Become Top Oil Producer By 2020. Energy Independent By 2035.  Man it's a good thing we got rid of those tree hugging Democrats who didn't want us to produce any oil, right?  Oh wait...
College Tuition Should Vary By Degree, Florida Task Force Says. Problem with that is that the government would have to keep abreast of what degrees should most be in demand year after year.
More Florida!  Governor Rick Scott Orders Voting Process Review To Be Headed By His Secretary Of State.  I predict they'll find no malfeasance, and something VERY minor to be fixed so it doesn't look like a complete whitewash.  In the mean time. I've decided to ask the various Banks to do a review on why the 2008 economic collapse happened, and the Nazi Party to review just why the Holocaust happened. In other words, you don't ask the people behind the problem to review the situation.


IEA: Global Energy System 'Unsustainable'.  Today must be their info dump day.  I'm sure not one of you is surprised by this.
Global Warming Felt By Space Junk, Satellites. Apparently when carbon dioxide is at the edge of our atmosphere it has a cooling effect, causing less drag on the stuff that orbits our planet.
Mystery of Why Antarctic Ice Is Growing While Arctic Ice Is Shrinking Solved - Changing Wind Patterns.
Invisibility Cloaking in 'Perfect' Demonstration.
China's Endangered Pandas Face Bamboo Shortage Threat.
Supersymmetry Theory Dealt Another Blow.


Inner ear implant uses biological battery to self-charge.


Target Opening On Thanksgiving At 9:00 PM.  ... This is getting out of hand.  Sears will be open at 8.  K-Mart nearly all day.

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