Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Warlock 2: The Exiled - Part 5: The Guests Included The Wolfman, Dracula and His Son.

"Old Elpiritster ... I warned him that staying in ghost form for a long time was harmful for his mind, and that any Mage who chose life after death would become a Lich. Too bad the old man was too stubborn to realize it ... When the United One appeared, he was the first to offer his obedience in exchange for the continuation of such 'life'. Why, with his experience in intrigues, didn't Elpiritster realize that the United One had no need of servants, that he has everything he ever wants, and that sooner or later, his lieutenants would simply become his shadows?... I've heard Elpiritster is still good with protective spells and if necessary can cover his colleague 'lieutenants'. Well ... Anyway he should have been released from this burden long ago."
From the notes of Great Mage Miralbus Card

When last we left off, the second of the United One's lieutenants reared his ugly head.  Unlike the dragon that just sent shadows of himself to attack me, this one saw fit to magically spoil my land.  How will I ever combat this?
Oh, I must find a spell. I should've seen it coming.

Alright, so my land has been corrupted by magic.  The ghostly mage seems to not really want to do this. He just wants me to cast a spell he's never seen before.  And the longer I take, the more often he'll do that. No pressure.

This was a very bad time for him to pop his head up, by the way.  My army is getting shredded by wolf-men, I'm quickly lowering Sunhaven's defenses with my spells.  But now I have to spend turns focusing my magic on desertifying my realm.
Like so.

So my poor army is being neglected by me, and they get shredded to pieces.  I get a witch doctor to the Ice realm...the same turn my last archer bites it.
They're slow moving but hey, they look threatening.

I have not really talked about units much so Part 5, the part that posts a fortnight after I started this series, seems as a good time to get around to it.  Units work in this game much like Civ.  In fact, given how the game looks, it feels like Civ at times.  Just with a much different way of doing technology.  However some units can have special abilities.  The witch doctors, above, can heal damage done to units.  Some units might have a special ranged attack, others can cast certain spells. Most, however, just do their ranged/melee combat.
I'm going to need a bigger army.

I finish up turning the magical corrupted area into desert which seems very odd as I write it down.  But one must do what Helia wishes.  And I finally find the -one- spell Elpiritster doesn't know.  I don't create the spell, because I'm not that kind of Great Mage.  I mean who creates their own spells these days? That just sounds like too much work.  I just find out it exists.  A clue, of sorts.  An old witch has the spell but she's been captured by monsters!
That's extremely convenient.
This is one part of the game that annoys me.  How did this group of Snowy Wolfmen, and their house, appear in the middle of my territory?  Basically it often works that you get a quest and the thing generates somewhere, often somewhere easy to find. And it's so often next to my capital.  I mean, really?

It was easy to fight the wolfmen, however.  Probably because I had a city helping me.

The witch is rescued! Surely she'll give me her spell!  ... Nope.  Sure, she's happy I rescued her but...she wants 1,000 gold for the spell. *sigh* I guess my desperation is showing. Well, I must postpone that quest for a while.  Oh well, I still must build my army back up and take over Sunhaven.  Honour demands it.  I also spotted, slightly hidden by the Fog of War, a bridge on the Ice Plane.  A second bridge.  So just in case...
I turn this into a fortress city.  Best protect myself at all costs.

Also, I finally built a fire totem!  Who called it being a mobile statue of a turtle?
I'm sure none of you did.

As you can see, I've built up a small expeditionary force to check out that active bridge.  Note: I never activated it.  Which means someone else did.  Is this game larger than just myself and the United One with his four Lieutenants?  Will I have to compete against other Great Mages as well?  That seems a silly idea, after all.  I'm 76 turns into this game, you would think I'd've met SOMEONE by now.

And yet, nope.
Next time: Hey look! I have a thousand gold!

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