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Warlock 2: The Exiled - Part 6: Trespassing Isn't Really a Crime, Is It?

Many assume the number 'V' after the name of this king means there were four other lich kings before him. But this is something of a misconception, for there has only been one Lich King, and the number instead represents how many times he has been resurrected. It is in part in a warning to his enemies, a reminder that the vengeance of the undead King can never be entirely avoided.
From "The Overall Description of Everything" by Master Alfus Bumblegate. A bit out of date now.

Okay.  So there's a rival mage who is building up.  And from the looks of it, he's building up his own land in ways that I have yet to do.  Yikes.  First thing I do is pull up my diplomacy screen and offer him a non-aggression pact.  It's not that I've had a fear of undead since I was a child, no no, not at all. I just am focused on Sunhaven at the moment.  And Elspiritster. And the United One eventually.  And soon the Dremer probably.

Interesting thing is that diplomacy happens on the particular player's turn.  So on my turn I offer a non-aggression pact.  On *his* turn he sees it and can respond.  So having sent my offer, I am back to focusing on my priorities.
IT'S MINE!  And, uh, Helia's.

Alright!  Now of course it has to heal up, rebuild, and then I have to figure out what I'm going to do with it.  After I click End Turn, I immediately get a response from King Lich the VI.  Which, I guess it's a play on "Lich King" but it sounds far more ridiculous with the words transposed like that.
So uh, do the other Great Mages talk like Discworld's Death or is it just you?

Now as you can see, I have a thousand gold.  But I don't get to decide when the witch comes back around.  Eventually she does, and I give her the money.
Can I have her beheaded?

So I have to fucking kill a Kraken.  Well that shouldn't be too difficult, right?  These things always seem to spawn near my kingdom.
Oh.  It's over in King Lich's territory? That's just -convenient- isn't it?

Well, I guess I'll send a unit through and pray he doesn't attack!  But if he does attack, well I'm ready. For it is time for me to research my first Anti-Other-Great-Mage's spell! (Also it's one of Helia's!)
I wonder if this is an act of war?

(SPOILER ALERT:  So, uh, Undead don't eat food.)

Also, while turning tiles back into desert from the variety of things Elspiritster has turned it into (Ice, burnt lands, forest...) I discovered that I can turn rivers into deserts!
Spells really need to come with instruction manuals.
This will save me two turns every time I send a unit from my capital over through the bridge.  This is -great-.  I wish I had known it sooner!

Oh, speaking of Elspiritster and his tendency to terraform my lands.
Well that won't be good for my tourism.

I send a fire totem into the Lich King's lands to take on the Kraken (with my magical help, of course).  The Lich King seems to care less about me traipsing through his property.  I guess the sign I painted on the turtle shell "Definitely Not Looking For Magic" worked!

Meanwhile, on the homeplane:

Sure, -this- quest spawns here.

They don't last too long. Infidels never do.  But the good news is the Krakens eventually die and I loot the shipwrecks they had made their lairs!
Does that say...?

Holy fuck I have a dragon!

Next time:  Holy fuck, I have a dragon!

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