Saturday, February 21, 2015

Warlock 2: The Exiled - Part 10:

Thank Helia this loading screen told me this!

Welcome back!  Last time around, the blog got hijacked by one of my archers.
(Spoiler warning: She's dead now)

So last part I said the AI wasn't doing much of anything.  Well it turned out I was a little wrong.  Sure they don't seem to be expanding past their planes, that I can see, but I got a little message.

I wish I knew what happened. Or even had met her.

So um, Yeah.  That happened.  I hadn't met her, nor had I met the other Great Mage, just King Lich VI so far.  But someone killed her off.  Better her than me, I guess.

I continued my expansion into Shadavar, fighting against the phase spiders there.  My coordination is what led me to live.

Part 10 is a good time to talk about damage (I am so organized).  Let's say your archers do 15 damage a pop.  Well then they're hit for half their HP, the next time they attack they do but 7.  Most of the monsters on this plane can one shot most of my guys.  But I've been careful, depleting them of their hit points before they get a chance to attack and the wounds become slightly worse than superficial.  

I also have a giant walking tree now.

I also continue my small aggressive expansion into the Deadlands.  In all honesty, I'm not sure why I'm doing this.  I know where this'll go.  I could honestly retreat out of here, stay focused on Shadavar with a backup army in The Lost World.  But, I guess, fighting a war on multiple fronts is something these kinds of games encourage.
 This is such a bad idea.


Take that nay-sayers! I AM THE GREATEST! My illusions have been perfected to work on trolls! I am ignoring the fact it said it was a 30% chance of success! No that success was inevitable! Nothing can stand in my way!

Oh yeah, the armies here are a little tough. I think I got a little carried away.  And why doesn't -my- magical dragon kick as much ass as this Gold Dragon does?  And see those little ghostly archers?  They're immune to physical damage, only elemental damage can get them.  Luckily my siege units (Fire Totems and Statues) are very good at non-siege uses!  That just seems wrong but I'll take it.  Also my spells work too, but I have to use them sparingly or else I'll run out of mana.  Damn resource management, why won't you just let me use my strong powers?

The Bridge I found in the Deadlands, I send Llsorr through.

So pretty. So very pretty.

This land is called Deadmeadows.  This also means I have two undiscovered lands (Not counting those two large planes that I am working towards).  It's a nice world, but it's already inhabited.  Yes, I finally meet the last living existing Great Mage

Hi! You seem to like me less than--Oh god, you follow the wrong God!

Man, if the AI was seriously a thing to worry about in this game, Rjakh would be my mortal nemesis.  possibly the one that destroyed one Great Mage and is a follower of Lunord?!  Man, if I didn't already have a goal, I'd march my entire army to kick his ass.

My main army goes upwards, finding the city of Medveny and a bunch more monsters.  Monsters I did not prepare for, causing, well...

This post has gone full circle!

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