Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Warlock 2: The Exiled - Part 7 : Wherein I Keep Wanting to Type 'Dwemer'

"The Dremer are agents of destruction.  They seek only to destroy all life, and un-life, they find.  They have no civilization of their own, and the lands they come from are full of carnivorous flora. It is recommended that any dremer spotted should be put down instantly."  
From the United One's treatise on external threats.

Welcome back!
This is the biggest piece of 'no duh' advice I've ever seen on a loading screen.

When we last left off, let's take a look at my notes.  Oh.  Holy fuck, I have a dragon.  It was more than enough to get Elspiritster off my back.  And it brought me a measure of fame, for now I have a Lord wishing to serve me (for pay, of course. Everyone is demanding pay. Can't they just do it for the glory of Helia?)

Now I have someone to give this artefact to!

Lords are basically unique units who can be given special artefacts that you find around the world.  They have a stiff upfront cost, and a stiff upkeep, but they are pretty strong. They just sort of hang around until you pay them, or they get bored with you ignoring them and wander off.  But once you pay them they are yours (it seems).

This game I've decided to hit random buttons to see what they do.  First, I've been hoping to have a map of the planes.  And look! I have one!

That is a healthy amount of planes.

Alright, 'The Sands' and the 'Snowy Wastes' are mine.  Echo must be that King Lich the VI's.  Ainadra is where the game wants me to go, and Ardania is what I must take over, I think?  This will take a while.  

I should have talked about this earlier.

Alright, there are ways to upgrade your units and your spells.  First I'll talk about spells.  When you loot areas, or get quest rewards, you sometimes get a gem or stone or whatever it is that has special powers attached.  The above, "The Gift of Three" I put on Spit of Fire for obvious reasons.  Make it cast a little faster, be a bit more powerful, and cost less mana.  I actually did that a while ago and had yet to talk about that.  My bad.

As for units...well...
This is sort of embarrassing.

Okay. There are two types of Unit Perks that I can see (there may be more).  The first is gained from leveling.  I should have talked about this sooner too.  When a unit levels, you get the choice of 3 perks to give it. Sort of like Civ there.

The other kind of perk is Building Perks.  I started the game with a Magic Smithy that gave me 5 instances of Fine Armour.  I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to apply it.  Google didn't help. The game didn't help.  Eventually I saw that little Up Arrow on the unit's portrait and that opened the screen to purchase the perk.  You do sink some money into it, so you should choose carefully which units get it.  However when a unit dies, you get the armor back. 

Alright, time to stop being cowardly prudent, and open up this damn bridge!
This will probably hurt.

A unit of Dremers was summoned but I knocked it down well enough.  I waited one more turn then I entered their land.

No one's marooned on a flying rock this time!  Also look, another bridge!

Well it's colourful.  And it looks deadly.  In fact it -is- deadly. Holy fuck. It damages my units 3 HP a turn *and* it heals Dremer units the same?  Fuck.  Well there's only one response to this!

Is there any problem that can't be solved by turning it into a desert?

I slowly spread out my forces and do another round of desertifying the area.  But I quickly stoop to throwing down fire to try to injure these guys. They're extremely tough.  How tough?
RIP Dragon  You were less impressive than you looked.

I'm getting my ass kicked.  The Dremers are tough, they're sitting on top of Castles which can range attack me.  The spell to take care of those castles I've actually prudently began to research before I even entered here (Coincidence).  But alas, it's taking forever to learn.

So what really is the worst thing that could happen as you're army is dying out in a foreign land?

I swear, they attack at the worst possible moments. It's like they KNOW.

Next time:  I fight Dremers and undead.  One of those fights goes well.

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