Saturday, January 31, 2015

Warlock 2: The Exiled - Part 4: Allow Me To Break The Ice

"Planar travel is tricky.  Bridges will guide you to the plane, and set you down somewhere near the bridge, but it is not always where you wish to be.  Whole armies have starved to death for they ended up on some barren floating rock with no where to go."
Excerpt from Xygga's treatise on the planes.

When last we left off, my entire army flowed out of the desert and into a world covered in ice.  The first problem was they really were not dressed for this.  Look, we don't have cold weather experts in Matsujaka. But my morale is strong, and they immediately launched into battle against the Giants.
With some help, of course.

Even with my spells, and a bunch of arrows and swords, the giants lasted long enough to act.  And they were helped by some Ice Elementals.  How dare this plane organize its resistance to me?

And how dare those elementals freeze my archers!

They were all quickly dispatched afterwards, and my army split up.  Some going to the north, some to the south, both trying to navigate around this lake.  The ones to the south found an empty palace to raid, however.  This is why I don't leave my palace at home.  A lesson I will gladly keep close to my heart, so I thank the departed Ice Queen for teaching it to me.
Also thank you for the loot. 

Before my army goes too deep into exploration, however.  I have a spell I need to test.  Frozen wastelands are not my thing, nor for those who follow me.  So it is time to fix that.

Look at that beautiful sand.  It's like a great beach for that ice-strewn lake!

 My army to the north finds giants and Ice Wolves and...donkeys.  Well played, plane, I did not expect the donkeys. I mean, seriously, donkeys?  What's even more surprising is the sheer amount of buildings that use donkeys as a resource. A Trading post, a butchery, the Order of the Stubborn Knights.  I swear there's one more that I'm forgetting.
Anyway, enough about donkeys (Seriously, donkeys?!).  My army to the south finds...Another bridge! Perhaps this bridge leads me to some realm that is easy to overcome! I mean they can't all be ice creatures.
That may not be the bravest move but I like breathing.

And what is that just above the quest notification?  It looks like a city banner.  Could it be? Could some neutral force have built a city here in this ice realm?  I get to finally try to take a city!  Awesome!  Wonder what it's name is...
Not in a million years would that have been my guess.

It's a sign!  It must be!  This will be a Holy City celebrating Helia!  I must have it!  It just, uh, seems as if the Snowy Wolfmen have other ideas.  Ideas that quickly reduce my army to just a unit of archers on the south.  And Bears, those godless killing machines, reduce my army in the north to a unit of archers.  But I will not let that stand in my way!
Surprisingly, the Sun spells work really well on Sunhaven.

Magic.  Magic makes everything better.  And, like all Great Mages, I have finally decided it is time to teach my citizens magic.  I build a guild for Witch Doctors in Izutisgar, followed quickly by a Fire Totem Factory.  I'm not sure what the Fire Totems will do, but I have to assume melting ice is an inherent ability.

While my army was cleansing this plane, and also was in the process of being cleansed themselves by this plane, I gathered up a group of citizens to build a new city.  One in the heart of the new desert.

Helia's worship is spreading! Glory to Helia! 

I can taste victory.  My army is slowly being replenished as I recruit more units in my capital city and ship them off here.  My sun spells are quickly reducing the defenses of Sunhaven to naught.  And I've even begun researching a spell to summon Ghost Wolves.  I figure summoning something right to the battlefield will be useful.  Things are finally looking up!

Magic makes everything worse.

Next time:  I devote my spellcasting to getting rid of this blight that has been cast upon me.

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