Saturday, January 24, 2015

Warlock 2: The Exiled - Part 2: Let It Go

"The forces of magic that are twisted by a mage's will often leads to the mage's mind being strained under the pressure.  With a normal mage this can lead to banditry, but with a Great Mage... That can lead to an apocalypse."
Excerpt from "The Physiological Effects of Magic."

When last I left off, I came across some mages who were apparently guarding the bridge and wanted a pay-off.  I tried to scare them off with my impressive illusion magic but they amazingly saw through that and attacked.

They weren't on the level of a Great Mage, not at all.  And they were disposed of very easily.

If you're a Great Mage?  This.

I spend a few turns getting my Grey Striders to the portal, as my archers are still cleaning up the mess of flying serpents. No idea why this desert seems to be full of flying serpents, but okay. Whatever desert. I'll take care of them.  Upon entering, they find a frozen land full of Giants.

And an underling telling me what to do. Not shown: Giants.

The Giants hit one of my guys for a major amount of damage.  I heal him with MAGIC and...they hit him again and he dies.  My remaining Grey Strider decides that retreating is better than dying in some frozen wasteland.

My homeplane gets pacified and I slowly bring all of my troops to surround the Bridge.  I also place a city right next to it, due to the water nearby having some nice bonuses to food and mana production.  This turns out to be a bad idea. An extremely bad idea. Because while I wanted to use that city to generate Mana, I can't actually place Mana traps (or most other buildings) on that water.  I tried explaining to them "MAGIC!" But no matter how many times I shouted it, or what voices I used to emphasize it, the builders would not listen.

Dispirited, I hung up my robe and walked the city streets.  Coming across a beggar with a ridiculously expensive ring, I did the only possible choice,  No, not steal it, I'm a religious man for Helia's sake!
I sure do hope I get rewarded for this.

But one turn passes and...
See! You do get rewarded when you act selflessly out of selfish concern.

I keep my guard up around the bridge, getting ready to go through when I regain my nerve my soldiers have a chance to tell their families goodbye.  But, alas, a door, once opened, can be stepped through both ways.
Maybe she'll melt?

Next time: I take zero screenshots of the long fight! I promise to get better!

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