Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Warlock 2: The Exiled - Part 3: Here There Be Dragons

"The Bridges that stitch the planes together are ancient artefacts.  It is theorized by some crackpots that the planes themselves are small patches of a larger world that had been destroyed and the bridges are the last remaining links between these once-combined planes.  The more credible theory is that the Great Mages of the past had built these for easier transport."
Excerpt from 'The Ruins of Ardania,' author unknown.

That Ice Queen was something else.  It took two cities, two archers, two grey striders and a war senpan to defeat her.  After several turns.  Her first attack actually outright killed one of my grey striders and seriously ruined everyone else, *and* the city of Minapai.  It must've been on a cool down timer because it was the only time she did it.

Upon her defeat, I am given a quest!
Not every quest gets to be epic.

Building Minapai was a bad idea, a very bad idea.  I thought the bridge would be useful. I still maintain I can build a mana trap on the water, but every time I bring it up my closest advisors walk slowly out of the room.  And to make matters worse, the citizens of Minapai actually seemed to be worshipping the Ice Queen.  So I decide to change things up.

I displaced all of its residents and turned it into a fort.

In this game, you have a limit of "Optimal cities".  The starting limit is 5, and once you go over that limit then Unrest begins to generate.  I do not know what Unrest does, but I know it sounds bad.   If you turn your city into a specialized city, you do not get to construct buildings or form units inside of it, but it does not count towards your city limit.  A Fortress City seemed like the appropriate option, in case any more Ice Queens spawn.

I build my army back up, for I want to enter the Ice World and conquer it for the glory of Helia!  But it seems that the game has other ideas.

This plane is starting to feel too small, for all the invasions I have.

Yes, the United One knows of my presence!  And feels I am a threat due to my incredible exploration of the Ice Plane.  ... Yeah, I think he's just a little paranoid if he thinks me a threat.

It takes a few turns, but I eventually bring down both of the Dragons.  The War Senpan may not have been the smartest thing to build, but it really has helped with defense.
Was there ever any doubt?

In my aborted playthroughs of Warlock 2, I found the enemies in the first world to be discovered were pushovers.  But apparently, because I am actually making a Let's Play *and* am only on Casual Difficulty (The other attempts were Normal), the game decided for my first discovered world to be extremely dangerous.  Ice Queens, Giants.  What next? Ice Werewolves?

And thus I begin vowing to make more of an effort on my military.  So I invent Los Alamos.
Think we could have a better name for this?

The turns roll by, I continue building my military up.  The big downside of the bridge being on the other side of that river is that my units have to build themselves a boat to cross, then demolish it.  So it takes one turn to go into the water, and one turn to go out of it.  It gets quite frustrating.  I should begin putting in the right guilds in Izutisgar.

Now that my army is built up, I have visions of conquest in my head!  Surely there are neutral towns that I can conquer in the Ice Realm!  So this pesky 5 "Optimal City" thing has to go.
Is there anything magic cannot do?

Alright, It's time.  My forces are ready.  It is time to send them through.

Guess who's back back back? Back again.


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