Tuesday, December 25, 2012

That Which Slithers Into Sight 5?

It was over in but a few moments.  The dark void that was, apparently, my public defender flowed into me completely and I could feel its raw power fuse into my being.  Darkness slithered over my eyes and I saw things in a new way. The building around me now looked as if it was rotted and full of mold.  Insects slithered along every possible surface, and cracks appeared in all the walls.

I stepped through the broken door to the holding cell and walked to the metal door that separated this room from the rest of the station.  It looked as if it was rusting straight through.  And with one kick I broke it off its hinges and watched it fly down the hallway.

I strode out into the hallway where Officer Coombs stood with his mouth agape.  My new sight revealed him to be nothing more than a rotting meat sack, infested with insects.  Feeling power rushing through me, I was upon the officer in an instant and had him slammed into the brick wall, then used him to batter open the door to the station's foyer.

This foyer was littered with black lines of corruption, and each officer on guard seemed to stand right at the focal point of each of those lines.  They were more on the ball than Coombs was and immediately had their guns trained on me.  From where I stood, their weapons looked completely unserviceable and their flesh crawled with the dark corruption that pulsed in this room.  Something inside of me was screaming to get out of there right then, but instead I found myself next to one of the guards and had him lifted above my head and then thrown at another officer faster than even my eye could follow.

I kept moving however, each of my steps taking me along the dark lines, as if they were tracks built specifically for me. I could hear the guns starting to go off as the officers began to panic, a panic that deep down a part of me was sharing.  But instead of letting it get to me as I had done in the past, I stepped to another officer and kicked his knee out from under him, his face planting against the hard tile floor with a sickening crunch.

The guns continued to bark, leaving trails where they flew, and my quick movements put me right in the path of one of the bullets.  Feeling my left arm suddenly burn, I stepped to the cop that fired that bullet.  His eyes widened as he gave off a fear that was so delightfully aromatic.  I placed my right hand on his face and dug my fingers into his skull.  Then lifting his heavy frame, I spun and threw him at an officer standing against a wall.  The impact of both their bodies exposed the drywall to the open air.

I stepped again, marvelling at how each of my steps took me to exactly where I wished to go.  Now standing in the center of the foyer I spread my arms as a taunt, and took a deep breath.  The room was now filled with the scent of blood, fear and urine.  I smiled widely at the remaining three officers, all three of whom broke and attempted to flee.

I stood there for a second and then jumped, launching myself at one of the remaining officers.  Tackling him to the ground, I smashed his face into the tiled flooring.  Standing and lifting him up with me, I turned and threw him into the doors that led out into the street.  I took a step than, willing myself outside, and instead found myself face to face with the winged being from before.

He no longer looked so glorious but instead appeared disjointed.  His right arm rose, but to my eyes it looked more as the movement of a puppet on a string.  I lifted mine to meet his, to challenge him.  But he was quicker than me, and one finger touched my lips as he let out a soft, "Shh."

And then my body sagged to the ground as consciousness left me.

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