Saturday, December 22, 2012

That Which Slithers Into Sight, 1?

It turns out my heart weighed as much as a feather.  And thus was I thrown into this midden realm of misery and sorrow.

My eyes opened to the grey filth-ridden shambles that was the emergency room.  But before I could begin to process the image that I was seeing, a shriek erupted from down near my feet.  Raising my head I glanced down and nearly screamed myself.

Standing at the end of me, holding a body-bag of all things, was a woman with pallid skin and varicose veins spread over the entirety of her body.  Her uniform was slimy and torn in several places.  Upon seeing me raise my head she dropped the bag and ran out of the room.

I looked about this room and could not get over just how dirty it was.  Dark blood lay along the floors and streaked up the wall.  The surgical carts had built up dirt along it and the implements upon it appeared as sanitary as a garbage truck.

There came loud commotion out into the hall and more of these people (for lack of a better term) came rushing into my room.  The tallest one wore a bloody surgical mask and was visibly shaking at my sight.  But far more interesting was the fact his pallid skin was visibly crawling along him.  And by interesting I do mean I threw up right then and there.

Another man, perhaps in the guise of an orderly, pushed forward and held me down.  His uniform was torn in several places and his pallid skin was slick looking, as if he profusely sweated.  Though his firm grip belied that and I was unable to fight myself back up.  

While being held down, several electrodes began to be put along my body and hooked up to a machine. A nurse, whose skin was tinged with yellow rather than the deathly pallor of her cohorts, drew my blood while the tall one strapped me down to the gurney.  They stepped back and observed me.

The tall one with crawling skin removed his surgical mask and smiled, a disgusting smile filled with rotted teeth, and said "You gave us quite a scare Mr. Kiel.  We thought you had, uh, passed."  His voice sounded greasy, filled with the fear of someone who will have many people breathing down his neck in just moments.

I took a breath, the machines giving a steady beeping noise.  I closed my eyes and focused just on that sound.  That sound was not filthy. It was just there.  "What happened?"

The same greasy voice answered, "We will be getting to the bottom of that, I assure you.  In the mean time try to relax.  We will be moving you to a proper room shortly."

Relax he said.  While I sat in the most filthy hospital known to mankind.  I hesitantly opened my eyes and looked around again. The grime was overwhelming and the urge to vomit began to rise inside of me once more.  But suddenly I felt the straps along my body loosen.

I looked down at the rotted leather straps, but they had not actually broken.  Instead the rusted metal buckle seemingly released of its own accord.  I finished the job and got down on my wobby legs, only then noticing that I was wearing but a moth-eaten linen blanket.  Not even a robe.

But there was no way I was going to stay here.  I ripped off the electrodes, wrapped the holey blanket around myself, and slipped out of the room.  Immediately gray-skinned security guards saw me and shouted down towards me to stop.  So I did the sensible thing and ran away from them.

Lucky for me, hanging upon the water damaged ceiling were many flickering red Exit signs with arrows very helpfully leading the way as to where I should go.  Following the arrows I found myself outpacing the pair of security guards and was shocked and impressed upon my speed.  I found my way to the exit and as the automatic doors opened I ran straight into the man standing in front of them.

Looking up from my ass I saw a man, glorious in the light that shone from his skin.  Upon his form was a brown trenchcoat belted across his waist and black pants.  The first undamaged outfit I had seen all day.  But more amazing than that were his white wings.

"Welcome, Joshua Kiel, to Purgatory."

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