Saturday, December 22, 2012

That Which Slithers Into Sight, 2?

The blaze of glorious light that emanated from the person before me washed over the area around me.  The gray dirty walls of the hospital now appeared white and spotless.  The area behind him teemed with green plant life that just glistened in the sunlight.  Well, the area that was not a gray parking lot anyway.  Glorious light could only do so much it seems.

Purgatory, he told me.  I just sat there on my ass staring at him as I thought about it.  I was not raised particularly religious but I was immersed in popular culture.  Purgatory was some sort of waiting room for heaven.  I resisted the urge to look behind me at the hospital waiting room.

That active act of resistance however reminded me of the security guards that were chasing me.  That caused me to stand as quickly as I could.  I would have then exited the hospital without a word but the wingspan of the man before me blocked all exit.  So I did the only thing I could do.

I said in my most polite voice, "Could you please excuse me, I would like to leave these premises."

The man smiled a bright smile, his white teeth practically gleaming.  He turned to the side and the wing flourished gracefully to the side.  "Of course Joshua," he said in a voice as smooth as velvet.

I, of course, did the prudent thing.  I ran.  Out in the open I was even more amazed at the speed of which my legs could pump.  And despite this supposedly being Heaven's Waiting Room, I recognized this area and so let my legs go.  Coming upon the street before the hospital I instinctively jumped.  And practically flew over the heavy traffic.

I landed with a thud upon the grass on the other side of the street.  Inside my mind was screaming at me, asking how I jumped over 5 lanes of traffic, but I kept going.  As I entered a more residential area I heard the velvety voice boom out from behind me, "Could you please stop?  I would most like to converse with you."

I stopped immediately, scowling at what felt like being mocked.  I spun on my heels and faced the being.  "Okay, fine.  This is purgatory? And what? Those things in the hospital were the fucking other lost souls?"

The being rested back, as if against a wall despite nothing being there.  He smiled his dazzling smile once more and said "In a way but not how you mean."  The voice seemed to drip with smugness.  I felt anger built up upon hearing it.

"Oh.  Of course.  Mysterious bullshit.  Look, I'm going to fucking head home.  That okay with you, asshole?"    Something stopped me from turning around right there and walking away.  As if I felt that I needed his answer first.

And his answer was even more infuriating than the last.  "I am afraid I cannot let you do that, Joshua.  Not until we talk."

Rolling my eyes at him, "Fine. We're talking.  Talk."

He let out a deep sigh, "Americans."  He shook his head and began to walk along the sidewalk.  I began to follow him, inside questioning why my body just fell into line.  "Okay.  If this is how you want it." He took another breath and than began speaking in a quick and staccato manner.  "You died. You were judged wanting.  You are now back to earn your right to move on.  Those beings you saw were humans. Your eyes were tainted with the sight of death.  You saw all things as dead.  I have washed them.  Go home."  And with the sound of wings flapping he was suddenly gone.

I stared at the spot where the being once was.  Realizing I never once got his name.  I took several deep breaths and began to head home. I ran as fast as I could, the cool air on my nearly bare skin.  It was difficult keeping the blanket wrapped around me for the 3 miles I had to go.  But given it seemed I could move faster than before I wasn't too worried about people seeing much of me as I ran home.

"Fucking day, This whole thing is nuts." I said as I made it to my apartment building, somehow not even winded.  I walked up the stairs to my apartment door and cursed loudly, dropping the blanket in frustration.  I didn't have the keys, because I didn't have the pants they were in.  And of course that was the moment the person who lived across the 5 foot hall from me chose to open her door to leave her place.  She let out an audible gasp, and went right back inside.

Yeah, And I bet the cops are going to come now.  Fuck me.

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