Sunday, December 23, 2012

That Which Slithers Into Sight 3?

I wasted no time.  I ran out of the building into the outside world.  Feeling the air hit my skin made me realize I left the blanket on the floor in front of my door, "Fuck me."  I ran at my full speed, my muscles not even aching from the four  miles I ran earlier, towards the wooded wetlands only a block from my apartment.  Figuring that was a place I could at least partially hide while I thought things through.  It did not take me long to get there at all.

I paced in the deep woods, well away from the several hundred thousand dollar homes built at the periphery of this wetlands.  I tried to think things through.  I awoke in the hospital.  I knew I died but could not quite remember how.  I supposedly was earning my way to heaven...somehow.  And I was in a forest without any clothes because if I had my keys they were in the hospital that I ran from.

So first thing I need is clothes.  My options were rather limited.  Firstly because there were no convenient businesses right nearby that sold clothes, I had no way to pay for said clothes.  I could try going back and breaking into my apartment but I had no lockpicking experience and I live on the second floor so the windows were not an option.  "Fuck," I repeated over and over again.

I also could not stay in these wetlands much longer.  The soil was all muddy and it felt disgusting to my feet to be sinking slightly with every step.  And there was always the risk of snakes.  And as that thought hit my brain, I shivered in disgust and fear.

This panic over snakes did not last long, however, as in the distance I could see flashing blue and red lights on the road.  These wetlands were not apparently big enough.  I should have realized, I had driven around this area enough to know.  And I did run through a subdivision to get here.  

I saw the flashlights flicker on from the road.  So I had a few options.  I could try running again, with the possibility of snakes biting me.  And with no apparent destination in mind.  Or I could give myself up and get clothes.  Prison clothes but clothes.

And with that thought in my head, I walked towards the flashlights with my hands up.

I ignored the officer's rude comments as I rode in the back of his squad car towards the station.  Unfortunately it was a fifteen minute ride in broad daylight.  They, of course, did various sobriety tests to me in full daylight but I passed each easily.  I was just nude, not drunk.

Of course that probably means that I'll get a worse charge.

I was kept in the back of the car after we reached the station.  I sat there for several minutes, each one that passed getting me further annoyed.  After a time the officer came back into the parking garage and opened the door, tossing in an orange jumpsuit.  "Put it on," he said brusquely.  I quickly followed the command and did so, appreciating the feel of fabric upon my bare skin.

He immediately grabbed me and forcibly marched me towards the elevator.  I was taller than him, and in better shape but he was still quite strong.  I stayed silent in the elevator, as did he and the trip up into the building was short enough.

He booked me for Indecent Exposure and tossed me in the holding cell.  I did have the right to a phone call but had no idea where to even begin.  I was informed there would be a Public Defender in later to talk with me.

I paced in my holding cell, the only one behind bars at the moment.  The value of living in a suburb, I guess.  Drunks will show up later in the evening but for now I had the whole thing to myself.  Just when I began to think I'd have time to start thinking my way out of this mess, my attempt at a reverie was shattered.

"Kiel," said a tall Marine-looking officer, "Your PD is here."  I looked beyond the cop and stared stunned.  Without willing it to, my body immediately sat upon the bench as I stared at what I saw.  The thing indicated to be the public defender absorbed all light and yet gave off none himself.  In other words it was completely black and had no features my eyes could discern at all.  No eyes, no nose, no general shape other than human-like.  Yet it had a voice that sounded as if it had smoked all its life.

"Oh Mr. Kiel, you seem to have dug quite a hole for yourself.  Let's see if we can get you out of it."

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