Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wherein I reply to random Facebook people

My wife posted this image to her facebook account before going to sleep tonight.  One person asked if it was wise that we pay someone to reproduce when the human race is overpopulating the earth.  Another person asked why should a company pay someone for not doing anything for them.

I had two responses to this:

"It's about compassion. It's about the idea that an individual human is worth more than what                              they bring to work. That our value lies not in our money and our sweat, but in our being and in the                                        fact that we are human. Most of the developed world gets this. America does not."

But after posting this, I felt as if I had more to say:

(Andrea may kill me for this following comment) Many people declare this to be a Christian nation, a nation upon which the beliefs of Joshua ben Joseph were used to forge us.

“I have come that you might have life, and have it more abundantly.”

In our current society, where the value of a human is equal to its consumption ability and what it can do for you or your business ... Where is the abundance of life?

Is our life to be at a desk every day of our lives, pushing pieces of paper around that we, as a society, declare to have some type of value in a way much akin to perceptual reality? Is our life to be at constant servitude to those who have more of these pieces of paper than we do? Is our life to sit and listen to those who are skilled at manipulation, broadcasting their words of fear and lies and hate (oh the hate) from some remote location, and let ourselves be manipulated upon?

And are we, when we have a small little being that looks up to us to protect and care for and teach, meant to head straight to some location away from home and earn these strips of paper that declare our worth to our masters along Wall Street?

The only other countries that have, outright, the kind of mindset ours does in regards to the value of another human are those who eat through their citizenry and consider them expendable. We are not that.

A human being is of value, in and of themselves. We are a brilliant light, burning brightly in the dark sky of oblivion. And for every one of these lights that dim, and are extinguished, the sky gets darker.

You can argue and ask if it is fair that a company should pay someone that is not doing something for them at the moment. You can point out the high levels of consumption of the human race at the moment and ask if it is wise that people might get 'paid' for reproducing. And the answer, the short answer, that I will reply with is: "Compassion."

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